Redhill School

Against the backdrop of an illustrious 115-year history, Redhill School delivers innovative education based on creative and critical thinking. This culture is underpinned by a holistic approach to the development of the mind and it consistently produces the desired outcome - unique academic excellence. Rated as a top academic institution, Redhill is at the forefront of preparing young individuals to produce positive change in their world.

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Education Upliftment

Education is the greatest gift we can give our country. SubjeX and Redhill School have partnered with a number of leading institutions to support their Grade 12 students. By purchasing one of our MasterClasses you are also assisting in the upliftment of the students supported by our partners. See our partner profiles below:

MasterClass Testimonials

“The MasterClass videos for science were really impactful. They explain the subject really well and their approach makes it easily understandable”.

- Learner at Tomorrow Trust

“The videos are really comprehensive and the lessons are delivered so efficiently. Some of these sections took us months at school; the MasterClass videos cover them in about an hour!”

- Learner at the Alexandra Education Trust

“To put it simply, these are the best educational videos I have ever seen.”

- Andile, independent learner

“Learning via the MasterClass videos is addictive. The lessons are clear, easy to understand and well-focused, and using the app means I can learn in my own time. I can’t get enough!”

- Katlego, learner at iSchool Africa

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