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Our Purpose

At SubjeX, our purpose is to provide a world-class digital platform to connect and enable students to achieve their full academic potential.

Our Story

SubjeX is an EdTech business founded in 2017 by Max Coleman and Jack Scott-King, with the objective of providing students with a single platform to access relevant academic information. SubjeX’s initial offering was to help students make key Grade 9 subject choices and further explore the South African educational system.

Since inception SubjeX has partnered with a number of leading South African organisations to support their academic upliftment programmes. The ANC progressive forum has also recognised SubjeX as a next generation education platform. See attached article.

Owing to the disruption of the 2020 academic year, we deemed it appropriate to further our mission of academic upliftment by providing support to the Grade 12 Class of 2020 - in the form of the MasterClass Series. For this project, we partnered with Redhill School in Johannesburg, whose culture of academic excellence and commitment to innovation allowed us to create a world-class series of online, subject-specific tutorial videos aimed at empowering Grade 12 students throughout South Africa.

Our Partners

Redhill School
Tomorrow Trust
Alexandra Education Committee

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