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Alexandra Education Committee (AEC)

Redhill school

The AEC is a bursary programme for academically promising students from low-income families in Alexandra. Through education, the AEC seeks to empower the next generation to create and embrace lasting positive changes in their communities.

The bursary programme provides students with a full five years of education at well-resourced high schools outside of Alexandra, as well as academic and social support such as transport to schools, school uniforms, stationery, textbooks, food, extra lessons and access to educational resources.

In 2019 the AEC supported 177 high school students, as well as 173 primary school students via a special weekend learning programme aimed at preparing them for high school. The organisation also offers teacher development workshops for primary school Maths and English teachers in and around Alexandra, strengthening education in Alexandra beyond the AEC’s core programme of supporting children of talent with bursaries.

In line with the AEC’s mission of providing opportunities and support for students, SubjeX and Redhill School are proud to partner with the AEC by providing all AEC bursars with free access to the MasterClass Series of videos.