Five Top Tips to Help Matrics Prepare for Finals

Most NSC candidates feel pressure, stress and anxiety during year-end examinations in South Africa. They report that contributing factors include: concerns about their results; inability to absorb and understand what they’re studying; feeling unprepared and not being able to recall information previously processed. Against this backdrop, we’ve identified five proven tips to help Matrics with their study and general preparation for finals (2021 Curriculum). 

Know yourself

Before even planning your study schedule, you need to do some realistic self-reflection. How long can you stay seated at a desk? How much sleep do you need? What distractions are you facing as challenges, and are you disciplined enough to follow your schedule without faltering? If you create realistic expectations for yourself, you’ll be able to meet your goals without feeling demotivated over disappointments. 

Map it out

If you think that you need six weeks to study for your NSC finals, then we recommend adding another two weeks to that. In your daily timetable, include study breaks and snack times – and add in the regular rewards (be specific!) you will earn when you meet each target. Ensure that your timetable allows time for revisions. Print your timetable and share it with your friends and family as studies show that this helps to keep you accountable. 

Get a buddy

The final stage of an NSC qualification can feel like a lonely experience for many candidates. Your siblings and family aren’t going through the same pressure and anxiety, which may make the weight on your shoulders even heavier. We recommend having a ‘study buddy’, with whom you can interact, someone who will help keep you motivated and focused. Study buddies are also great for testing each other on work and to get a feel of your progress as you prepare for finals. 

Revision, revision, revision

Candidates need to revise work that they have done throughout the year. Revision helps you to remember facts and figures as well as topics and methodologies. Revision is the best tactic to reduce anxiety and increase your confidence for finals. Online lessons such as these have proven helpful for thousands of South African Matric Students. 

Extra lessons

The classroom is filled with distractions. Imagine being able to go back in time and re-visit a specific Geometry lesson... A distant History discussion… A specific Physics lesson… Do you find yourself wishing that you had paid better attention when they covered Newton’s Laws of Motion? Well, your time machine has finally arrived. This company (SubjeX) offers hundreds of pre-recorded online lessons on over twenty-one subjects – in both the IEB and DBE curricula. Pricing starts at a very generous R350 for eight subjects, with up to forty lessons per subject. Imagine yourself pausing, rewinding, re-watching and enjoying unlimited access to quality teachers and lessons any time of the day.  

Lastly, we urge NSC candidates to take care of their mental and physical health. Eating nutritious foods, staying hydrated, enjoying some exercise and talking to friends, family and educators for guidance and support… These are indispensable allies along the road to academic success!