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NSC - National Senior Certificate

Having sat the final examinations (at the end of Grade 12), this is the qualification a matriculant receives at the end of his/her school career. It is this Certificate that permits school-leaving individuals to apply for admission to further studies – as long as their final results meet the minimum criteria for admission to the institution to which they apply.

A National Senior Certificate can be obtained through, amongst others, two main providers/examination bodies in South Africa: the IEB (Independent Examinations Board) and the DBE (Department of Basic Education). As their designations indicate:

- The IEB sets its own curriculum and examinations independently,

- The DBE administers a national, state-controlled curriculum and examinations.

Although schools can apply to register with either one of these examination bodies, statistics show that:

- Most private schools are registered with the IEB;

- Almost all state schools are registered with the DBE.

Hence, all materials offered on this website are designated to address the requirements of the curriculum and examinations of either the IEB or the DBE – or both, when the two curriculums overlap.

MasterClass is a series of online, subject-specific educational videos created in partnership with Redhill School, one of South Africa’s top educational institutions. The content for the videos has been provided by Redhill’s expert teachers, all of whom are experienced and passionate about the subjects they teach. The videos feature an engaging interface and professional production alongside curated content aimed at preparing Grade 12 students fully and thoroughly for their final exams.
We currently accept payments via credit or debit card, which can be made via our online payment system on this site.
Please contact us via email at info@subjex.co.za.
No. While we hope to expand the series in the future, the subjects currently covered by the MasterClass series are Accounting, Afrikaans, Business Studies, Dramatic Arts, English Home Language, Geography, History, Information Technology, isiZulu First Additional Language, Life Sciences, Mathematical Literacy, Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Visual Arts. When selecting a purchase, please ensure that the subject meets your curricular needs - is it either IEB or DBE specific?
No. Our videos are pre-recorded and feature content from expert Teachers available to watch when it suits you. There is no need to log on at a specific time.
Purchasing a MasterClass will provide you with access to the lesson videos until 31 December 2023.
No. Currently our MasterClass videos are available for online streaming only.
Our streaming platform allows you to select the bandwidth you stream our videos at, so you can make the most of a slow connection or save your data.
No. All material offered on this website are designated to address the requirements of the curriculum and examinations of either the IEB or DBE - or both, when the two curriculums overlap.
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