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Redhill school

iSchoolAfrica is an education initiative that reaches schools across South Africa in rural and urban settings. Founded in 2009, the overall objective of iSchoolAfrica is to empower teachers and students by giving them access to the world’s most advanced educational technology and classroom practices.

COVID-19 school closures have necessitated a move to e-learning. In theory, this could be an important step towards a fairer education system but the reality is very different. Most South African students lack access to devices, data and quality educational resources.

The iSchoolAfrica #MyFuture programme focuses on assisting Grade 12 students who have the potential to succeed, and whose futures are now in jeopardy owing to the impact of COVID-19. Through a network of partners, the programme aims to provide 10 000 Grade 12 students with access to refurbished iPads, Grade 12 curriculum content, teacher mentoring, peer learner study groups and sufficient data for the programme.

As part of our commitment to educational upliftment for all South African students, SubjeX and Redhill School are proud to be partnering with iSchoolAfrica’s #MyFuture programme by providing all participants with free access to our MasterClass videos.

Redhill school