Geography MasterClass IEB

This MasterClass covers all the important topics that students need to know for the Grade 12 IEB Geography examinations. These topics can be examined in either a Paper I or Paper II format.

Created by Redhill School
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  • 8 Lessons
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What will I learn?
  • Valuable hints in relation to time management, to ensure that students manage to complete the paper in the allocated time.
  • An integrated explanation to show a holistic picture of rivers and the relationship with the landscape and what is around the river.
  • Explanation of all topics in a revisionary lecture-style format.
  • An overview of all the Geomorphology sections.
  • Some of the common mapwork calculations techniques are explained step-by-step to assist students develop their map skills.
  • A thorough look at examination techniques as well showing how all the sections and topics are integrated.
  • An overview of the main concepts in the economics sector as well as going over the South African examples of the industrial development zones.
  • Discussion of the climate sections of Geography.
  • Watching this set of presentations will empower students to respond to both examinations with more confidence, thereby reducing the stress and anxiety traditionally associated with the examination process.

Curriculum for this subject
8 Lessons 03:47:33 hours
Grade 12 Geography
8 Lessons 03:47:33 hours
  • Geography Sample Video
  • Examination Techniques
  • Paper 2
  • Climate
  • Geomorphology
  • Urban and Rural Settlements
  • Economic Geography
  • Essay Writing Skills
  • Mapwork
  • Pen
  • Coloured pens
  • Exam pad
  • Pencil
  • Mapwork book
  • Your notes


The Geography MasterClass series of videos were produced to highlight, clarify and refine the most important concepts, as described in the Geography Subject Assessment Guidelines (SAGs). The concepts learnt prior to Grade 12 are not explicitly covered as individual topics but are reinforced to the extent that they apply to Grade 12.

These videos summarise the important concepts related to each topic. They provide students with theory to expand the context related to the question - thus enabling you to answer Paper I and Paper II questions with deeper and greater understanding. 

The videos further address common mistakes that students make and point out how to avoid them. An effort is made to expose students to various ways in which the content can be examined. This includes guidance on how to approach examination questions systematically in order to maximise marks and save time. This is done by working through common examination-style questions and discussing the logic behind each answer; in this way, students are later able to apply this acquired knowledge to a multitude of questions, rather than simply rote learning solutions.

A student who watches this MasterClass Series attentively - and then reinforces the explanations given by actively working through multiple past paper questions - will be thoroughly prepared for the final examinations.

Teacher Biography

Nicola Gibberd completed her Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Anthropology, her Honours Degree in Geography and her MSc in Geography at Rhodes University. She completed her PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) through North West University with distinction. Her Master’s Degree required her to conduct physical research, which focused on the freeze thaw cycles within periglacial landforms, in Antarctica. Owing to this research, she has attended many geomorphological conferences. 

Nicola is very passionate about all things Geography, and her broad experience enables her to bring real world examples of Geography into the classroom with ease. Throughout her postgraduate years, she has both lectured and taught Geography, and it was through this experience that her passion for teaching manifested itself. 

Prior to her appointment at Redhill School, Nicola taught at Parktown High School for Girls and at Sacred Heart College; she also lectured Geomorphology at the University of Pretoria. 

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