Information Technology MasterClass

This MasterClass covers lessons for Information Technology Paper 1 (Programming and SQL) and Paper 2 (Theory) for the Grade 12 IEB examinations.

Created by Redhill School
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  • 04:23:48 hours on-demand videos
  • 11 Lessons
  • Access until 31 December 2021
  • Access on mobile and PC devices
What will I learn?
  • To create and learn how to interpret a class diagram.
  • To learn more about Trace tables.
  • To learn about cabling types and be made aware of the pros and cons of each type of cable.
  • To be able to both define and choose the most appropriate topology/medium applicable to a given scenario.
  • To be able to describe transmission technologies and different networking devices. Students will also be able to describe the device and its functions, as well as when and where it is used.
  • To be able to define the important terminology associated with Normalization, as well as discussing the concept of Normalization, the reasons for Normalizing a database and the characteristics and requirements for each normal form.
  • To be introduced to the crucial concepts of what an algorithm is as well as detailed explanations of:
    a) How to assign values to variables;
    b) The operators used for calculations;
    c) How to indicate an entire array as opposed to a single item of an array;
    d) How to represent each of the programming structures;
    e) How to represent and call methods.
  • To be made aware of the terms that are most often tested and a broad overview of the evolution of the Web. Students will be shown how to apply the terminology to a given scenario and give appropriate examples of the aspects covered. Additional important aspects, amongst others, are: Downloading vs Streaming, Lossy vs Lossless Compression and Client-side vs Server-side Scripting.
  • To revise advanced concepts in SQL. Aspects such as the sequence of instructions, TOP clause, Insert, Update, Delete, Insert using existing data, Joins: INNER, LEFT and RIGHT, Date functions, String (text) functions, Data aggregate functions, Group by, Having, The use of IN, Nested queries and generating random numbers.

Curriculum for this subject
11 Lessons 04:23:48 hours
Grade 12 IT
12 Lessons 04:23:48 hours
  • Information Technology Sample Video
  • Class Diagrams
  • Algorithms
  • Trace Tables
  • SQL Revision - Part 1
  • SQL Revision - Part 2
  • Normalization - Part 1
  • Normalization - Part 2
  • Internet and Communication Technologies
  • Networking - Part 1
  • Networking - Part 2
  • Additional Explanations
  • Redhill IT Information Booklet
  • IT Textbook


The Information Technology MasterClass Series of videos was produced to highlight, clarify and refine the most important concepts as described in the Subject Assessment Guidelines (SAGs) for Information Technology.


An effort was made to address the more difficult concepts and the focus was on revising and clarifying most frequently examined concepts, rather than on reteaching. Most of the theoretical concepts outlined are from the grade 11 SAGs, given that we have not had much time this year to revisit those concepts which form the bulk of the theory examination. Helpful hints and what students need to watch out for when answering examination questions are interspersed within the content.


After each video, students should take some time to consolidate their understanding of the concepts discussed, by attempting to answer questions from past examination papers specifically on that particular topic.

Teacher Biography

Vanitha Rajamany is from the beautiful KZN and has been teaching for the past 30 years. Since her move to Gauteng, she has taught at two top IEB schools for 21 of those 30 years - starting her career with the IEB at King David-Linksfield before arriving at Redhill. Vanitha has been a Sub Examiner at the IEB since 2000 and has for the past 2 years served as Senior Sub Examiner for both the IT Practical and the IT Theory examinations. Vanitha recently completed her M.Sc. in Computing through UNISA. She currently serves as Head of Department IT at Redhill School.

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