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MasterClass Testimonials

“The MasterClass videos for science were really impactful. They explain the subject really well and their approach makes it easily understandable.”

- Learner at Tomorrow Trust

“The videos are really comprehensive and the lessons are delivered so efficiently. Some of these sections took us months at school; the MasterClass videos cover them in about an hour!”

- Learner at the Alexandra Education Trust

“Learning via the MasterClass videos is addictive. The lessons are clear, easy to understand and well-focused, and using the app means I can learn in my own time. I can’t get enough!”

- Katlego, learner at iSchool Africa

“Whoever produced and edited these videos deserves an award. The lesson structure for the Maths videos matches my learning style perfectly and the fact that they feature Redhill teachers means that I can be confident that they’re covering the syllabus effectively and focusing on the right areas.”

- Dominique, learner at Redhill School

“It was difficult to keep up with my studies during COVID-19. Luckily, thanks to the MasterClass videos, I can continue learning wherever I have access to a wifi connection.”

- Learner, Alexandra Education Trust

“Covid-19 had a massive impact on my final year of school. It was tough missing out on the sport and social elements of Matric, but at least, thanks to SubjeX, I wasn’t impacted academically so much. I signed up for the Accounting and Maths MasterClass videos and they really helped me in terms of understanding the sections I had already covered and catching up on those I missed.”

- Andreas, learner at St David’s

“Lockdown taught me resilience and showed me the power of working with others. The MasterClass video series really helped reinforce concepts that were covered in class and I felt confident and well-prepared going into my exams.”

- Gemma Muller, learner at Redhill School

“As a student with ADHD, the MasterClass videos have been an amazing help to me during Matric exam prep. The lessons and production are fantastic, and having access to the videos online means that, if I get distracted or lose concentration, I can pause the lesson and give myself a chance to refocus, or even rewind to go over any points I may have missed.”

- Lauren, learner at Redhill School

“To put it simply, these are the best educational videos I have ever seen.”

- Andile, independent learner