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Do you dream of an overseas education for your children?

The Team at University Speaking is proud to present our newest issue, the second “country edition”, University Speaking – UK!

The most recent data isn’t out yet, but we know that for higher education the UK is one of the top 2 destinations for South African students. Who knows, maybe now it tops the list. After the huge splash that University Speaking – Ireland made with our subscriber base, we have had a couple of countries vying to be next. The collective UK universities voice was the loudest!

The UK offers for our children degrees taught in English and a range of almost 200 ancient and modern universities to choose from.

Our fractured South African families inevitably have a cousin or an aunt or a granny or a best friend in the UK giving our kids a softer landing than most countries.

In this issue of University Speaking, we explore the application process, working in the UK after graduation and post-grad opportunities, examining and deciding between degrees and programmes, how to maximise employability, and more.

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