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Vumatel is a leading South African fibre provider that connects communities to high-speed, fit-for-purpose internet through open-access fibre broadband. Guided by its philosophy of ‘if we can, we must’, Vuma strives to drive transformation and break communication barriers to empowers ordinary individuals and communities across the country to do more, see more, and dream of more. Since 2014, Vuma has connected more than 550 registered primary and high schools in the regions where it operates, to free 1Gbps fibre broadband internet. This supports hundreds of thousands of young people and their teachers through access to the boundless opportunities of the internet, in collaboration with its partner Internet Service Providers.

In line with our mission of democratising access to education in South Africa and providing opportunities and support for students, SubjeX and Redhill have partnered with Vumatel to provide free access to our MasterClass videos for learners at over 250 schools.